Rider Info

The Events 


Main Event: Team Race

Solo Event (Men/Women)

Open Race – Last Day

Kids Race – Sunday



Rider Categories


Electro-Bike Open Solo Category - 16+ no prizes 


There will be no podium for this category but it is a chance for amateur bike lovers to participate in the Fundsmith Colin Mayer Tour frenzy and discover new beautiful routes in a different way.



Under 23 Team. (Men/Women/Mixed) - 16 to 23

Elite Men Team - 24 to 39

Elite Women Team - 18 to 39

Master 2 Men Team - 40 to 49

Women Team - 40+

Master 3 Men Team - 50+

Mixed Team - 18+

Buffalo Team (Both riders over 180kg combined) - 18+



Full Stage Solo Men - 16+

Full Stage Solo Women - 16+

If your team partner is in the same age category as you then that will be your team’s age category. If your team partner is in a different age category to you then you will be competing in the following age category:


Master 3 Men + Master 2 Men = Master 2 Men

Master 2 Men / Master 3 Men + Elite Men = Elite Men

Elite Men / Master 2 Men / Master 3 Men + under 23 Men = Elite Men

Master Women + Elite Women = Elite Women

Prizes and Results



Category winners of each stage will be called up to podium daily to get their leader jerseys.


Category winners of the overall race as well as 2nd and 3rd place will receive generous cash prizes as well as main sponsor giveaways as well as overall 1st/2nd/3rd place medals. 





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