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The Fundsmith Colin Mayer Mountain Bike Tour is a 3 day team race of 2 with 3-stages 


  • Only Mountain Bikes in good working condition will be allowed to start the race & any stage thereof. 

  • Riders must start and finish each stage on the same bike frame & wheels. 

  • Repairs & maintenance of bicycles during the race is the responsibility of each rider. Teammates may help and receive assistance from each other. The riders may also be assisted by a competitor for such repairs & maintenance, but will not be allowed any exchange of bike, bike frame, wheel, derailer or chainset. 

  • Pushing/towing by physical contact only is allowed. Every rider receiving or giving such assistance from/to a competitor or any other not engaged in the race shall be penalised by the addition of 30 minutes to his finishing time of the stage. 

  • Bike repair services will be provided by outsourced service providers at stage finishes. 

  • Bicycles may be propelled only through a chainset and by the rider’s leg action, without any form of assistance (electrical or otherwise). 



  • A rider not wearing a helmet during any stage of the race will be disqualified and removed from the course immediately. 

  • Appropriate riding attire, including a shirt, must be worn at all times. 



  • Riders who cannot continue the race, for whatever reason, must immediately inform the Race Office. This can be done either at the Race Start, the Finish or at Water points. 



  • No littering or damage to the environment will be tolerated. 

  • Litter, relating to sports nutrition and feeding stations, will be tolerated within 10 meters of the direct area of each feed stations. 



  • Any protests must be communicated in writing, within 15 minutes of the rider crossing the finish line, to the Chief Commissaire, to be called to that effect at the finishing line. Any protest outside this delay will not be considered and will be of no effect. 



  • Riders may be disqualified at the discretion of Chief Commissaire for any one or more of the following reasons including, but not limited to:

    • Riding at any point on any stage without a helmet.

    • Littering.

    • Disrespect or damage to the environment.

    • Bad sportsmanship.

    • Abuse of Race Officials.

    • Traffic Rule violations.

    • Not having followed the whole of the marked track.

    • All riders, having got out of the marked track, shall return to the place where they left the track, to continue the stage.

    • There will be a specific cut off times per stage. Those who don't make this time are out of the race, the bike board will be taken away and transport back to the race village will be provided. The exact time will be communicated at the Race briefing.



  • Riders must complete the entire distance of the race, and the responsibility for following the official route lies with the rider.

  • Any rider may be directed out of the race at any time, on doctor’s advice.

  • Riders must act in a polite manner at all times, and permit any faster rider to overtake without obstructing.

  • Riders must respect the countryside and ride only on the official route. Riders must avoid polluting the area, and not leave any waste or litter.

  • Riders must not use offensive or abusive language during the race, act in an unsporting manner, be disrespectful to the officials, or ignore the race regulations.

  • Buffalo team must be above 180 kg.



  • ​Any matter or other incident, not specified in the above rules, but which goes against the spirit of good sportsmanship, may result in a decision of the Chief Commissaire, to penalise the rider, either by the addition of a specific time penalty or by putting the offending rider or team, out of the race; The decision of the Chief Commissaire will be final.




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